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London, May 2023

Telling the true story and experiences of Black Founders in the UK Startup industry growing their companies amidst the disparity of capital which is deployed to founders from underrepresented backgrounds

The documentary has been created by independent UK based film company, Amplery Films, to showcase the events of the UK Startup industry, and the Black Founders that play their role in it. 

The documentary is supported with data provided from Extend Ventures and The Black Report and follows the  journeys of Black Founders from early stage startups founding their companies, gaining access to capital, and exploring the role of government and established financial institutions.

Extend Ventures -  This report analyses the extent of the UK funding gap to understand if bias beyond gender exists in the UK venture capital market and what opportunities lie ahead to make access to innovation and entrepreneurship more equitable.

The Black Report - A long overdue deep dive into 60 pre-seed black founders, covering everything from where they grew up, with whom, their academic backgrounds, their business sectors, how and who funded their businesses, and the racial, sexual and gender makeup of the founders, their teams, and investors.

The story is focused on the growth of two Black founded startups;

Audiomob, founded by Christian Facey and Wilfird Obeng, is an audio ad provider for mobile gaming. They had faced multiple rejections in initially trying to raise Venture Capital and have since closed a notable $14million Series A in November 2021. 

Oja, Mariam Jimoh who is a sole founder and is building the UK's first venture-backed digital supermarket for cultural communities tells her story from her newly opened distribution and office space.

Actors contributing to the documentary play an instrumental role within the startup industry and give insight into the experience of Black founders and provide recommendations for the next decade.

Actors featured in the documentary: Erika Brodnock - Co-Founder at Extend Ventures, Andrew Solomon - Legal Counsel - Kingsley Napley, Andy Ayim MBE - Investor and Founder of Angel Investing School, Andy Davis - Partner at 10x10 Fund, and Angel at Atomico, Nzube Ufodike - Entrepreneur, Advisor to early and growth stage businesses, Demi Ariyo - Founder of Lendoe, , Chenelle Ansah - Founder of Nell Consulting, Partner at Cornerstone Partners, Gori Yahaya founder of UpSkill Digital, Karl Lokko founder of BlackSeed, Ashleigh Aisnley CEO Color in Tech, Deborah Okenla


For media enquiries: please call Richard Cummins at Amplery Films on +447947778449 or email: film[at]


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