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An area changed through regeneration maintains generational family connections through the love and bond of supporting their local football club.



This film follows the journey of a family of Arsenal supporters in the area of Highbury, London. Despite not being able to afford to live in the area where many members of the family grew up, their football team connects and brings them back to the area where they continue to call home. New property developments and regeneration has meant that many locals have had to leave their areas where they grew up. 

This film explores regeneration, and the love of sport which continues to bond families and create generational connections.


Creative Statement
I was born in Camden Town, London and have had a keen interest in film since I went to Westminster college to study media studies over 20 years ago. I took a different career path in technology which was seen as a more stable income path. In 2021 I began working on a self funded short documentary focused on Black Technology founder journeys with Amplery Films. I would like to use  this film company to tell this story and have a crew consisting of DP, Editors, Researchers and Visual fx to work on this short doc which would appeal to a large audience.

Growing up in London, I have seen regeneration projections across many boroughs lead to many families being forced out of the areas in which they have added so much value through cultural impact such as music, art and film. I have been following the topic of gentrification for many years and have always noticed a trend of predominantly minority racial groups suffering as a result of gentrification.

The love of football by many of these minority groups has been a constant connector of keeping families in touch and connected and this is a beautiful story which needs to be told.

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