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Inspirational Founder is a film produced by Amplery Films Ltd

The documentary is being created to showcase the true story and events of the UK Startup industry, and the Black Founders that play their role in it.
The narrative will be based around highlighting the journeys of Black Founders from an early stage startup founding their companies, gaining access to capital, and scaling up to launch into new markets.



It showcases what makes a successful startup and explores the disparity and challenges of access to funding faced by entrepreneurs from under represented backgrounds in the UK.

Key themes:

  • Access

  • Capital (Sources of funding Angels, VC, Banks, Family offices, grants, loans)

  • Data (Inclusion of reports)


Produced by: Richard Cummins

Directed by: Monir El Haimar

Presenter: Peace Itimi

Production Exec: Royal Atako


Genre:  Documentary
Year: 2022
Duration: 45 mins
Production: Amplery Films
Available Versions: ENG
Country of production: United Kingdom


Amplery Films Ltd
Company number 13962690

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